I have benefited over the last two months from consulting Bertie Elles regarding my knee problem.

Bertie has a professional and caring approach to providing realistic and beneficial exercise programmes which are appropriate for my age and fitness aspirations. The exercises that he devised for me have been very suitable and he got the balance right for my capabilities.

He has a positive and supportive approach which has complemented the programme very well. Thank you, Bertie!


Pregnancy wrought havoc on my body and Pilates has really helped me get stability and strength back again. My body always feels a thousand times better at the end of the class than it did before!

Katrina Morrison

I saw Alan for some Physio sessions. I was impressed at his explanation of my problem but also that I was given 2 exercises (which meant I did them daily). The beauty with Pilates plus Physio is the Physio sessions compliment Pilates classes.

Alison Turnbull


Recently whilst on holiday, I twisted my back through track running. I was finding it very painful just walking my daughter to school. This was a major problem as I was due to take part in my first ever “endurance race” competition in 2 weeks time. With Laura’s help through physio and lots of good advice, I completed the competition.

Lisa Coleman

I was very fortunate to be referred to Physio Plus when suffering difficult and challenging back pain. They worked closely with me to provide an evidence-based and targeted programme of rehabilitative exercises. The pilates, underpinned by expertise in physiotherapy, has been progressed at a gentle, safe pace and I am now able to move in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible several months ago. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer patients to Physio Plus.

Dr. Kate Gregg

Pilates Plus has a warm and friendly atmosphere with clear demonstration of Pilates while under expert supervision. Has been most beneficial for core to help with golf and general health condition.

Muriel Gilligan


Pilates Plus classes are helpful, well-organised, well-supervised and cater for different degrees of ability and fitness. I have also attended the clinic for a specific problem, this included a comprehensive assessment and management plan, and the prescribed exercises have been very helpful

Dr. John Wrench

I have taken several one to one Pilates sessions with Becca. Although I enjoyed the group classes, one to one sessions meant I could concentrate on my specific postnatal concerns. Becca is friendly, helpful and lovely to spend time with. After each session you receive a mini programme, I have managed to do this every second day and noticed real progress.

Alison Turnbull

1:1 Pilates

I’ve had several one-to-one Pilates sessions which were tailored for my rather stiff body, I can now enjoy going to a Pilates class without being embarrassed about doing the wrong thing! I feel a lot better after every session!

J. Brodie

Classes are led by qualified physiotherapist this reassuring in that their professional knowledge informs their teaching.

Jill Brennan


All the instructors are lovely (although occasionally hard taskmasters!!) They advise you on modified versions of any exercises that you struggle with if you have any underlying injury problems.

Mhairi Chambers

Vice-Captain, Niddry Castle Golf Club

There is no reason not to do these classes.



Pilates Plus offers the perfect class

Lucy Chester

Postnatal Pilates

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