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Monday Classes

10.40am – Yogalates, Morningside Parish Church

11.45am – 60+ Pilates – Morningside Parish Church

6.30pm – Beginners/All Levels – Old School House, Morningside

7.30pm – All Levels Pilates – Old School House

Tuesday Classes

9.30am – Barre – All levels (45 Minutes) at Marchmont St Giles

10.30am – Clinical/Beginners Pilates (45 Minutes) at Marchmont St Giles

6.30pm – Fitness evening Pilates classes (45 Minutes) at Meadowspot Field (Summer Only)

Thursday Classes

9am Outdoor Fitness Pilates (Meadowspot)

10.30am – Beginners Pilates, Merchants Golf Club

1pm – Postnatal Barre Class (6week Block)

2pm – Postnatal Pilates (60 Minutes) at Marchmont St Giles

6pm – Antenatal Pilates – Old School House, Morningside

7pm – Sculpt Pilates, Old Schoolhouse, Morningside

Friday Classes

10am – Yogalates –(60mins) Old Schoolhouse, Morningside

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Covid-19 Update

We are putting all necessary measures into place so you can be safe in classes and in clinic. Click here to read our document about returning to live classes