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Pilates for Road Cyclists

Why on Earth would I want to do Pilates indoors if the reason I cycle is to get out and about and feel the wind whistling through my helmet? Hopefully this post will help give you an insight into how Pilates can improve your performance and endurance on the bike. As anyone who’s ever ridden a …

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Leslie’s testimonial

I am a keen road cyclist having converted from mountain biking a few years ago and a member of Glasgow Green Cycling Club. I ride about 5,000km per year, mainly in the UK but also when my wife and I go on holiday and I can sneak some rides in, usually before breakfast. Having had …

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Pilates for Children

In an ideal world, children would not need a structured exercise programme. They run, jump, skip, stretch and bend as part of everyday play. This would be all they need. Unfortunately, our modern sedentary lifestyle is not just affecting adults but has an effect on children too. As the child gets older, they spend an increased …

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Pilates for Horse Riders

Any experienced horse rider will tell you, your position and movements on the horse can make a big difference to how the horse performs. Sit on a horse like a sack o’ tatties and that’s how the horse will carry you! We’re talking about normal riding position here, rather than anything fancy: Image from …

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