Pilates for Golfers

How Pilates can improve golf performance and reduce the risk of injury

Postnatal Pilates

Pilates Plus Physio offers postnatal Pilates classes in Edinburgh where you can bring your baby to the class.

One to one Pilates sessions – the benefits

We are often asked in our classes, why would I want to attend a one to one Pilates session? For those who have done it, they will tell you that the personal attention you get as well as the focus on health or injury issues can be incredibly helpful and beneficial to their Pilates practice and …

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Pilates for men

I was flattered to be asked to be a guest blogger by Pilates Plus. The subject I was let loose on was why men should do Pilates. Here are my thoughts… –o0o– There are two groups of men who would benefit from doing Pilates. These groups are: 1) Sportsmen 2) All Other Men Which group …

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Pilates for neck and shoulder pain

As the image above shows so well, pain in the neck and shoulders can be closely related, so we’ve grouped them together for this post. There are many muscle, nerve and fascial connections between neck and shoulder, so pain in one can easily lead to pain in the other. In addition, as we will see, …

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Pilates for Office Workers

This is the first of our blog posts written whilst experiencing the subject matter – I am writing this on a computer at a desk so feeling all the problems I’m about to write about! So I consider it an interesting mindful practice. Firstly, we know that sitting in static positions is not great for …

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Pilates for Runners

What kind of runner are you? Have you changed your style of running? Maybe you’re a fan of barefoot, minimalist or pose running styles. You may be one of those runners who endlessly debates forefoot versus midfoot versus heel striking. You may also not have a clue what I’m talking about and just go out …

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Why should a Physio teach you Pilates?

Let me begin by making it clear that I’m not saying that only a Physiotherapist should teach Pilates. There are some incredible Pilates instructors out there who are not Physios who have great skills and dedicated clients. We have been taught by some of these instructors; their style greatly influences our work and has helped …

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Pilates homework

I can hear a collective spluttering out of your healthy new year smoothie as you open this message. Homework?! But I come to a class, I don’t need to do that as well! I’m hoping I can show you a few ways you can make Pilates work for you outside of your classes and hopefully see benefits …

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Pilates for Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a condition which affects almost all of us from time to time. It can range in severity from irritating to debilitating, and many untypeable ****ing’s in between! As physios, the phrases we often hear are ‘it just started out of the blue’, ‘I didn’t do anything’ or ‘it was lifting that …

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