Pilates for men

I was flattered to be asked to be a guest blogger by Pilates Plus. The subject I was let loose on was why men should do Pilates. Here are my thoughts… –o0o– There are two groups of men who would benefit from doing Pilates. These groups are: 1) Sportsmen 2) All Other Men Which group …

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Pilates for Runners

What kind of runner are you? Have you changed your style of running? Maybe you’re a fan of barefoot, minimalist or pose running styles. You may be one of those runners who endlessly debates forefoot versus midfoot versus heel striking. You may also not have a clue what I’m talking about and just go out …

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Pilates homework

I can hear a collective spluttering out of your healthy new year smoothie as you open this message. Homework?! But I come to a class, I don’t need to do that as well! I’m hoping I can show you a few ways you can make Pilates work for you outside of your classes and hopefully see benefits …

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