Pilates for Swimmers

Swimming is a healthy sport, right? True, often people are advised to take up swimming to get over an injury. There are many benefits to exercising in water – reduced impact on joints and freedom to move can really help with rehabilitation. As with all sports, balance is required. Swimming is a repetitive sport and …

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Pilates in Pregnancy

Image from Can you still practice Pilates with a baby on board? Absolutely, but we do have to make a few modifications to adapt to the changes in a pregnant woman’s body. Many of our clients continue to practice right up to their due date, much to the admiration of their fellow class members! …

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Pilates for Horse Riders

Any experienced horse rider will tell you, your position and movements on the horse can make a big difference to how the horse performs. Sit on a horse like a sack o’ tatties and that’s how the horse will carry you! We’re talking about normal riding position here, rather than anything fancy: Image from …

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