Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking, is a safe, natural, dynamic, efficient and suitable-for-all form of physical activity that trains the body in a holistic, symmetrical and balanced way.  The overall goal is a state of general wellbeing.

Nordic Walking for all:

  • It is an activity that can be shared by people of different fitness levels.
  • It is ideal for people who have not exercised for a while or who dislike traditional sports/gym activity.
  • An injured person, with approval from the GP/or Physiotherapist, can use the poles for support, working to improve fitness as part of their rehabilitation.
  • People who are already active can use Nordic Walking for cross-training.
  • It can be a sociable way to keep fit.
  • It is suitable for all ages.

Health Benefits:

  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain/discomfort and improves neck mobility.
  • Individuals who have balance problems can benefit from the stability provided by poles.
  • Heart Health – Increased maximum oxygen uptake, 20% on average, compared to regular walking.
  • Increased calorie expenditure, by 46%.  Therefore it can help to Combat Obesity.
  • Improves posture. By using the poles you get better weight distribution, maintaining or improving your normal walking pattern.
  • Back Health – Better Posture, Thoracic Rotation, which is good to lubricate joints of the spine and activation of the muscles of the trunk.
  • It is a weight bearing exercise thus helps to increase bone density, preventing/decreasing Osteoporosis.
  • It can be used as rehabilitation after Breast Cancer.
  • Mental health – outside/fresh air/green space/can be near water.  Increased confidence, sociable.

Nordic Walking Versus Running:

  • Exercises 90% of the body’s muscles
  • Lower perceived effort
  • Increased Oxygen uptake

Nordic walking at 7.7km/h increases Oxygen uptake by 16% compared to a run at the same speed.  For running to match Nordic walking you would need to run considerably faster at 9.8km/h.

  • The impact of Tibio-Femoral compression can be significantly, 40-100% at comparable speed.
  • Decreases neck and shoulder tension.
  • Increases spinal rotation.

The class starts in May 2018 and will run weekly on a Thursday at noon.

The class will be outside and involve Standing pilates warm up exercises then a 40/45 minute Nordic Walk working on technique and using drills to perfect technique finishing off with 5-10 minutes of cool down/ stretching exercises.

Venues will vary regularly and will include Braidburn Park, Hermitage of Braid, Mortonhall and Swanston.