Month: March 2018

Leslie’s testimonial

I am a keen road cyclist having converted from mountain biking a few years ago and a member of Glasgow Green Cycling Club. I ride about 5,000km per year, mainly in the UK but also when my wife and I go on holiday and I can sneak some rides in, usually before breakfast. Having had …

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Val’s testimonial

Our thanks to Val who has taken the time to write about her experiences of our one-to-one sessions in the clinic and our classes. When off work in agony with a herniated disc, I spent a lot of time googling how I was going to avoid this happening again. I’ve never know pain like it. …

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  Hypermobility is a condition that can affect people and at any stage of life. Hypermobility is a general term for a number of conditions which present with similar features. The most common characteristic of hypermobility is what is described as laxity in connective tissue due to a disturbance with collagen fibres- the elastic fibres …

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