Month: July 2015

Pilates for Children

In an ideal world, children would not need a structured exercise programme. They run, jump, skip, stretch and bend as part of everyday play. This would be all they need. Unfortunately, our modern sedentary lifestyle is not just affecting adults but has an effect on children too. As the child gets older, they spend an increased …

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Pilates for Swimmers

Swimming is a healthy sport, right? True, often people are advised to take up swimming to get over an injury. There are many benefits to exercising in water – reduced impact on joints and freedom to move can really help with rehabilitation. As with all sports, balance is required. Swimming is a repetitive sport and …

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Pilates in Pregnancy

Image from Can you still practice Pilates with a baby on board? Absolutely, but we do have to make a few modifications to adapt to the changes in a pregnant woman’s body. Many of our clients continue to practice right up to their due date, much to the admiration of their fellow class members! …

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